Light Up Custom Power Banks

Can you come up with something innovative to advertise your business?

Marketing through free gifts has been a tested and proven age old practice for businesses.

Companies give out free pens, wallets, notebooks to advertise themselves and win customers, which is great.

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But most of these gifts are also offered by every business owner. Often they’re not even used and end up lying inside a drawer.

We need to think outside the box. In this day and age, such gifts mundane are not desired by the consumers.

They want something practical which can be used by them to solve a problem.

Worry not, because we have the answer.

Give your customers custom printed light up power banks!

What is a Power Bank?

Today everybody uses a smartphone; and they run out of charge often!

Unless you are living under a rock you should know what a power bank is.

It is a portable charging device which is powered by a battery which can be used for;

Mobile Phones


Bluetooth speakers

Portable WiFi


Anything that charges through USB.

You must have seen people plugging in their devices to the power bank using their USB cables whenever they run out of juice.

Customised Power Banks for Business

It is very easy to print your brand or company logo on the power bank just like it is done on pens.

But that is not the only way to put yourself out to your target audience!

Some power banks are equipped with light up displays on which you can print anything in colour.

They are like mini-billboards running your images and messages just like on the streets.You can even play videos on the displays of few power banks.

There is nothing more appealing than visuals to attract customers.

Why is a Power Bank Perfect for Advertising?

Power banks are a necessity today and everyone who uses a mobile thinks of them.

They can serve as great avenues through which you can advertise your image and win customers, promote your brand and make a presence in the market.

They are more effective than many other gifts because of...

Strong Exposure

It is a practical gift. People run out of charge on the streets, at restaurants, parks, office, colleges and any place a human can go.

When you take the power bank out and charge your phone, everyone around can see the logo or display and get aware of the brand.


When you gift something like a pen, the utility runs out when the ink is over. But a power bank will be used for many years and keep advertising for you without any extra cost.

Strong Appeal

Everybody needs a power bank, period!

Everybody uses a mobile phone and they will run out of charge.

Along with it consider that more than half of the world population uses a smartphone today.

You can reach an unimaginable number of customers who will value your gift and use it instead of throwing in their drawers.

Power banks are flexible, convenient and great to build your brand image.

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